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In Fate of the Elder Gods, players take on the ever-maddening role of cults trying to summon ancient evil and herald the fall of mankind! Each cult is in competition to be first to summon their god, but they all must also repel intrepid investigators working to seal off the gate to beyond with Elder signs. Gather arcane artifacts, cast powerful spells, embrace the Dark Gift of your Elder God, and be first to hasten doom...before it's too late!

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Player Count: 1-4 Players
Best Player Count: 3
Ages: 13+
Playing Time: 30 - 90 mins
Designer(s): Christopher Kirkman, Richard Launius, Darrell Louder
Artist(s): Lucas Durham, Chad Hoverter, Christopher Kirkman, Darrell Louder, Nolan Nasser, Jorge Ramos
Publisher(s): Fabled Nexus, Greater Than Games, LLC
Useful Links: Fate of the Elder Gods | Board Game | BoardGameGeek


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