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In High Society, players bid against each other to acquire the various trappings of wealth (positive-number and multiplier cards) while avoiding its pitfalls (negative number and divisor cards). While bidding, though, keep an eye on your remaining cash - at the end of the game, even though all those positive-number cards might add up to a win, the player with the least money isn't even considered for victory.


Player Count: 3-5 players
Best Player Count: 4-5
Ages: 10+
Playing Time: 15 - 20 mins
Designer(s): Reiner Knizia
Artist(s): Mateusz Bielski, Medusa Dollmaker, Wesly Gibs, Dahee Lee, Alvin Madden, Yusuke Mamada, Ulf Marckwort, Paul Niemeyer, Björn Pertoft, Markus Wagner
Publisher(s): Osprey Games
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