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Mobi Kids is the perfect introduction to numbers for your little ones. Players each select one set of number tiles. Each set contains the exact same numbers. Players connect their number tiles to form equations using the communal operation tiles (+,- and =). The first player to connect all their number tiles wins! If your little one is like ours, and not quite able to make equations yet, don't worry ... Inside the whale, there is an activity booklet full of mini-games. These games help kids gain confidence with numbers by offering a step-by-step approach to equation building and subsequently Mobi Kids gameplay!

Mobi Kids helps build and improve skills in arithmetic, cooperative play, visual processing, sequential thought, focus & attention, recognition & identification, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills.

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Player Count: 1-4 Players
Best Player Count: N/A
Ages: 4+
Playing Time: 10 mins
Designer(s): Ken Gruhl, Quentin Weir
Artist(s): N/A
Publisher(s): N/A
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